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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


This a vanity webspace created for the soul purpose of ego inflation and image enhancement create by one Matthew B. Van Amburg.

Matthew has been described as such…

  • occasionally coherent
  • a user of words
  • flagrantly inoffensive
  • resembling something that emulates genius
  • probably not evil
  • a hater of pronouns

Things posted herein will likely have something to do with one of the following subjects.

  • Computers or Gadgets
  • Computer programming
  • General Nerditity
  • Works of Literature in the Genres of…
    • Science Fiction
    • Programming and other works of Nerditity
    • Poettics/Poettechs and other assorted areas of self-absorbtion
    • Prose
    • Nonsense
  • Food
  • Beer/Spirits

I am hoping to make links with mybraindump, which is a MediaWiki that I have been using to archive things such as code snippets and recipes as well as some things that the Internet should never forget.

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posted by Matthew at 12:38 pm