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Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy 16,000!

Here is your totally random fact for the day.

Today is day 16,000 in the Pick epoch.

All dates in a Pick Operating System are stored by convention in the form of a real integer. The start of the Pick OS date convention was chosen by Dick Pick as December 31st, 1967. In the Pick world this is day 0. This is convenient as you can take the modulus of the date and determine the day of the week.
6 = Saturday.

So even if you woke up with a nasty case of amnesia this morning I am giving you some good news. TGI + MOD(16000).

Another strange thing of note that I just learned about Dick Pick and the Pick Operating System, is that the original implementation of the OS was called Generalized Information Retrieval Language System (GIRLS).

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