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Saturday, January 28, 2017

This was going to be a Facebook post, but I chickened out.

If you feel safer today because some people cannot enter the county because they might be a terrorist, I challenge you to cross reference the list of countries that have recently had travel restrictions placed upon them and the countries of origin of those who have committed atrocities on our soil. I have provided a link to a WikiPedia entry because I had trouble finding a news source that had citations and didn’t have a clear agenda.


Based open this list very, very few of them could have possibly been prevented by a measure such as this. So it appears that this does little to improve out safety. If we are not safer and we are not a more free people, what are we gaining here?

I have historically kept out of these sorts of things on Facebook, because I have never thought that Facebook was a good place for this sort of conversation. I believe it is now getting to the point where Facebook may be the ONLY place people might see something that doesn’t conform to their current way of thinking.

It it not my goal to tell people what to think. I want to encourage thought and draw the distinction between thought and holding an idea. I see lots of ideas on Facebook, and while some of these ideas emerged from thought, they are no more a representation of thought than an apple is a representation of photosynthesis.

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